Tabla Lessons

I teach tabla and rhythm concept course on a one-on-one basis in-person in Los Angeles, and via Skype worldwide.
For tabla lessons, you need to have:
  1. Your own tabla set.
  2. My tabla book/s. Lessons and Practice book is for the beginner to intermediate students, and Poetic Drumming is for the advanced students.

For the rhythm concept course, you need only my booklet, Rhythm of Tabla.

Description of the rhythm concept course:
The study of rhythm concept course is designed to help all dance and music students (drummers, vocalists, and instrumentalists) to develop their understanding of and their facility with rhythm, polyrhythm, time signatures and the time factor in music.

Students of this course do not need their instruments (but a pencil can be helpful), nor must they have a previous acquaintance with complex rhythmic structures. They will become familiar with meters of four, five, and seven, learn how to adjust basic patterns to suit various meters, and increase their ability to know where they are at any instant in a rhythmic cycle.

LESSON FEE: US$100 per one hour session. Skype students pay via PayPal.